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Educational Goals
  • Teach students about action principles and application of drug
  • Cultivate research and development manpower of pharmacology and medical technology; improve academic research and promote the development of biotechnology industry development
  • Foster logical thinking and independent innovation of students; train the capability of asking questions and solving problems
  • Expand student’s international perspectives and enrich scientific knowledge
Student Core Capability
  • Possess professional knowledge of pharmacology and life science
  • Possess capability of experimental techniques and study design
  • Possess ability of logical thinking and reading academic articles
  • Possess skills of communication and interpretation
  • Possess global vision and international competitiveness.



Institute Courses

M.S. Program

Required courses 19 credits    Elective courses: 5 credits 

Minimal credit requirments for graduation: 24 credits  (thesis not included)



1. Seminar is required for 3 semesters.

2. Seminar in different field(1) (2), 2 credits for each should be selected from each owned advisor that instruct.



PhD. Program

Required courses 12 credits    Elective courses: 6 credits

Minimal credit requirments for graduation: 18 credits  (dissertation not included)   

Course List


1. Seminar is required for 3 semesters.

2. Advanced Pharmacology in Special Topics (I) (II), 2 credits for each, Molecular Biology, 3 credits or Cell Biology, 3 credits.

3. Suggested elcetive courses:Ethics and Skill of Scientific Writing 、New Drug Research and Development





Curriculum Mapping Website:http://coursemap.aca.ntu.edu.tw/course_map_all/department.php?code=4430


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